WORKSHOPS (All Levels)
Handstand Workshop

Saturday, August 3rd 10:30am-12pm $30

Bear’s conditioning exercises will help you build upper body, neck, and core strength to achieve a handstand. You will also learn how to properly condition your wrists, develop overhead shoulder mobility, and hip flexibility

Dance & Partnership Essentials

w/ Rosendo Fumero Saturday, August 11th 4-5:30pm $30
Rosendo Fumero former undefeated US Champion, Ohio Star Ball, Triple Crown, and Nine- Dance American Style Champion covers the essentials of movement, posture, power steps, partnership and more. Be sure you take advantage of this valuable information.

Latin Club Dance Workshop

Saturday, August 18th 6:30-8pm $30
Salsa, Bachata & Merengue are popular Latin club dances. Join us for some upbeat summer fun. Improve you existing skills or begin learning some fun and simple basics. Afterwards, meet us at 8:30pm for at the Coco Cabana Restaurant in Tucker to practice your skills and have fun with your dance friends! 

The Art of Sensual Dancing Workshop 

August 24th 10:30am-12pm $30

Participants will learn simple, fun and sexy dance routines that can be shared with a partner or enjoyed on one’s own. Dia’s workshop will focus on achieving inner confidence. All are welcome.

Bolero Specialty Class

Friday, August 2nd  7-8pm $20

Bolero is danced to slow tempo popular music as well as Latin music. This dance is unique in that it utilizes Cuban motion as well as rise and fall and contra body movement.

Samba Specialty Class
Sunday, August 4th
4-5pm $20

Samba is a lively, rhythmical dance which originated in Brazil. The dance movements borrow from traditional Brazilian dances. Ballroom samba is danced to music in 4/4 time and counted either 1-a-2.

Peabody Specialty Class
Friday, August 16th
7-8pm $20

The Peabody is a brisk dance that travels the dance floor and evolved from the fast Foxtrot of the ragtime era. It is essentially a fast one-step, with long, gliding strides and syncopation. 

Paso Doble Specialty Class
Sunday, August 18th
4-5pm $20

The Paso Doble was created in Southern France where they tried to portray the theatrics of the Spanish bullfight. It is a theatrical and dramatic Latin dance that tells a story through sharp, staccato movements, striking body poses, and flamenco style footwork.


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Top Shelf Dance Studio


Friday, August 30th

Cha Cha & Viennesse Waltz

 Group Classes
  9-11pm  Pirates of the Caribbean


Great Music, Atmosphere &


Just $10 per person
for the Group Class  or Party


$15 for BOTH the Group Class & Party 

Costume Contest with Prizes!