Zumba Aerobic Fitness targets lots of different muscle groups at once for total body toning. Boosts your heart health. You not only get aerobic benefits (it really gets your heart rate up), you also get anaerobic benefits – the kind that help you maintain a good cardiovascular respiratory system. Helps you de-stress. The high-and low-intensity intervals make Zumba an excellent cardio workout. Traditional Zumba workouts emphasize strengthening the core, while Zumba Toning and Zumba Step workouts incorporate weights to build muscles in the arms, legs, and glutes.




Art Is Motion Dance Studio

4470 Satellite Blvd Ste 201 & 202

Duluth GA, 30096


Zumba Classes

Coming in September

Mondays at 6 pm

Wednesdays at 6 pm

Call to enroll: 678-577-2823

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