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      BOBBYE BROWN left the corporate cube to follow her passion and teach yoga.  She is a dedicated yoga teacher bringing twenty-four years self-practice and six years teaching with 1,000 hours experience to share with her students.  Bobbye enjoys teaching all levels; vinyasa flow; gentle somatic awareness, and restorative yoga.  In teaching it is her desire to motivate the students to find inner peace, calmness and awareness to connect mind-body “on and off the mat”.  Bobbye earned her 200 hour RYT certification in 2012 in Hatha Ashtanga based Primary Series Yoga, and is currently an E-RYT active member with Yoga Alliance.  She continues to be excited and energized to gain further knowledge to enhance her teaching “toolkit” through teaching and continuing study adding to her 360 workshop training hours with master yoga teachers at Prajna Yoga School.  Bobbye’s desire is to serve the students being their tour guide to provide the roadmap to find a quiet mind and helping students live better in their bodies …  "Yoga is like music, the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul, creates the symphony of life" - B.K.S. Iyengar

Top Shelf Dance Studio

Michaeline Terry

Associate Dance Instructor

Zumba Instructor

Jenny Nichols

Belly Dance Instructor

     Marlene Bogoslawsky went to her first yoga class a few decades ago.  She knew then that yoga would be a necessary part of her life. For the first time, she was aware of feelings in her body of where she held the tension in her muscles. She also found that slowing and lengthening her breath could reduce stress in her body, and from that she became a more compassionate person.
     In 2010, she completed her 200 hour teacher at Peachtree Yoga Center. She has been sharing yoga ever since. She also did a training in Durham, NC at Duke Integrative Medicine for Therapeutic teaching for Seniors.  She has led many yoga workshops in Atlanta and Ashville, NC. She is forever a student, as there is so much to learn about this 2000+ year old practice.  Marlene loves sharing the gift of yoga with others.

     LAUREN STACKS is a North Carolina native and a recent honors BFA Musical Theatre grad. Lauren is a theatrical quadruple threat: singer, dancer, actor, and techie. As a soprano belter whose tech specialties include paint, carpentry, stitching, set design, stage managing, and choreography, she is eager to share her training and experieince with the Duluth and Buford communities that are her new home. Outside of dance and theatre Lauren spends her time painting, cooking weird recipes, teaching herself new skills, studying at local art museums, and trying local coffee shops. I'm a passionate feminist and a fervent supporter of Save Our Sisters.

Learn more by visiting Lauren's website.

     Here at Art Is Motion, you can find Lauren teaching Stretch & Strengthen, Broadway Jazz, Theatre Movement, Modern/Contemporary, beginners Ballroom, and beginners Latin Dance.

       CHRISSIE FORLIE is a local Atlanta girl. She has been immersed in the arts since childhood, being a part of competitive dancing, local musical theater, Senior Dance Company, and the dance education community. She started training in Ballet in 1999 and became a voracious learner for all things dance since. She has placed in metal scholarships and competed in the Atlanta Open, Hotlanta Dance Challenge, Bama Ballroom Classic, and Heritage Dance Competitions. She has trained at institutes across the Greater Atlanta area including North Atlanta Dance Academy, RISPA, Fleetwood Dance Center, and Daza Dance. Chrissie has participated in and taught Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Tap, Competitive Latin Rhythm, Hip – Hop and Contemporary. She has trained under Melbin De La Cruz and has taken a Master class with Louis Van Amstel. She has taught and choreographed for local musical theatre groups and at various studios around Atlanta. When Chrissie isn't dancing she is working on her other crafts such as make up artistry, piano, running her own photography business, and cosplaying at pop culture conventions. Overall Chrissie is a very down to earth individual who has a passion for teaching. Chrissie's ultimate goal as a dance instructor is to leave a lasting impression on her students along the way as well as inspire those to find their inner Champion.

       NICOLE RONCO is a paralegal by day but, enjoys teaching yoga.  A RYT 200 Yoga Alliance certified teacher, she considers herself a lifelong learning loves working with clients to create a wonderful, safe, and non-competitive space for students to dive beneath the surface of their daily lives and find deeper meaning and inspiration.  She focuses her classes on creative sequences and intentional themes, emphasizing the importance of proper alignment, pranayama breathing techniques, mindfulness, and meditation. She considers herself lucky have the ability to teach yoga, helping to bring balance, awareness, breath, and happiness into other's lives.  

Dia Adams

Baton & Burlesque Instructor

       DIA ADAMS started dancing at the age of 10 and twirling at 13.  She has won numerous twirling competitions.  Baton twirling has remained her undying passion passed along to her by her mother who also taught twirling.  After graduating from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University she decided to pursue her passion for movement and a career in the arts. When not dancing, Dia also enjoys singing jazz, musical theater, and modeling.  Her mission is to inspire individuals to get outside of their ‘box’ and make the world a better place.

Marlene Bogoslawsky

Yoga Instructor

Lauren Stacks

Administrative Assistant

& Dance Intern

Kelly Zayas Bass

Yoga Instructor

       MICHAELINE TERRY moved to Atlanta from Cleveland, OH.  She studied Business Administration from Strayer University out of Washington DC and achieved Bachelor of Science degree in International Business.  Began corporate career at age 17 with Equitable Real Estate and hired as the first permanent part-time associate. In 1992 Michaeline begin training in American Karate and transitioned over to Japanese Shotokan Karate which she competed for over 9 years and became a second degree black belt.  She became a head teacher at Victory World Church 2009 to April 2017 for elementary students. She presently is an IT Analyst for a Technical Software company in Norcross.  She has performed Salsa with groups around Atlanta. She came to Art Is Motion to apply her skills as an Assistant Instructor in May 2017.  She now enjoys teaching the new students of Art Is Motion in an fun, exciting, but challenging way to share the joys of ballroom dancing.  Her passion and desire for all to learn ballroom dance have shown bright through the new students.  Through her patience and passion of dance, many have enjoyed learning new ballroom skills.

Bobbye Brown

Yoga Instructor

Nicole Ronco

Yoga Instructor

       TANYA V. ARNHOLD is a rare find in the dance community. With certifications from several organizations, she stands out from the rest with a true gift for teaching. Tanya is patient and passionate and addresses each student's unique needs encouraging them to become the best version of themselves. Everyone from first time dancers to ballroom competitors will find support, inspiration, and growth achieving their goals living a life where whether you are dancing in your room, or in a ballroom, you'll do so confidently and with great fun along the way. Tanya's studio attracts a wonderful array of people, full of friendly faces and where everyone is welcomed.

        KELLY ZAYAS BASS is a digital marketing specialist with a passion for learning. After casually practicing yoga for 12 years, she originally made the decision to pursue her 200 hour yoga teacher certification to deepen her own practice and learn more about the history and philosophy of yoga. During the course of her training, she found herself enjoying the practice teaching aspects more than she initially thought, and found that in teaching, she is able to keep her own practice fresh and motivated. Kelly was first introduced to yoga in high school as a healing remedy after a running injury. For this reason, she chose to be trained by instructors who were themselves taught by students of B.K.S. Iyengar. His teachings focused on the  importance of alignment in order to ensure injury prevention and healing, as well as strength training and stretching. Her instructors added their own take to his teachings, to create a more fast-paced, energized vinyasa flow. Always a student, Kelly plans to eventually complete her full 500 hour RYT certification, but for now she enjoys learning through teaching!

Winston J. Miller

Owner & Dance Specialist

Elissa Larson

Yoga Instructor

Tanya V. Arnhold

Owner & Dance Specialist

      JENNY NICHOLS is trained in multiple dance disciplines and martial arts, and is known for her unique fusion dance style, which combines elements of world dance forms with styles more commonly found in contemporary dance genres. Founder of Dragon Fire Dance and co-founder of World Belly Dance Alliance, Jenny teaches classes and workshops designed to help students express their voices through dance with confidence and authenticity. In addition to teaching, she is also a show producer and loves collaborating with other artists. She has had the privilege to study with incredible teachers from across the country and abroad.  A student of the Salimpour School of Dance, Jenny is Level 2 certified in both the Suhaila and Jamila Salimpour formats and is currently on tour with Bal Anat, the longest running belly dance company in the world.

       ELISSA LARSON started dancing ballet, tap, and jazz, at age ten, adding lyrical, musical theatre, and modern to her repertoire as she grew. As a shy child, Elissa instantly fell in love with dance and it's power of emotional and personal expression. At age fifteen, she auditioned for and was accepted into Kaleidoscope Dance Company in Dacula. In addition to performance, through Keleidoscope Elissa taught ballet, tap, and jazz to children ages three to eight. After injuring her knee as a dancer, Elissa turned to yoga as form thorough which to continue to explore movement. She is now a certified 200 hour registered yoga teacher (RYT) through Yoga Alliance. Elissa was drawn to Art is Motion through her position as a yoga teacher and from there was recruited into the AIM teaching internship program where she rekindled her love of dance.

       WINSTON J. MILLER is a young professional from Spartanburg, South Carolina. A graduate of the illustrious Winthrop University, Miller has long been a leader in the community; acting as Director of Swagger Jack’d, a mock benefit concert hosted by the NAACP-Winthrop that uses performing arts to raise funds and awareness for selected charities, and serving as a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. At an early age Winston discovered his love for dance by doing street hip hop; and with the inspiration of music and the artistry of music videos, he continued to advance his skillset by learning various styles of dance. He is now trained in Hip Hop, Modern, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, African, Step, Ballroom, Latin dances and moved to Georgia with the desire to advance his craft. Winston’s bold creativity and belief in self-expression through the arts led him to share his passion through teaching. It is his desire to help others excel in their love for dance, and most importantly to have fun! Dance is a permanent part of Winston’s life and he’s excited to showcase his talent with the world.

Chrissie Forlie

Associate Dance Instructor