Show yourself some yoga love with a playful and restorative heart opening workshop combined with sound healing.
Nadia Zohbe & Daniel Bastacky, of Good Vibrations Atlanta, co-create a unique, relaxing and rejuvenating yoga experience.  Enjoy a Sound Symphony with Crystal Singing Bowls & Tibetan Ringing Bowls while experiencing an inspirational and heart warming yoga flow by exploring the balance between the effort and surrender in back-bending, putting together a sequence to open the front side of the body, chest, shoulders, and heart area. Focus will be mainly on postures (asanas) practice, and will conclude with a short meditation.

Sound is a vital aspect of healing. All life resonates with sound. Sound can make you feel comfortable with your environment, creating a peaceful flow for your soul. Sound Healing works because every cell in your body responds to the sounds that we hear. While vibration by negative actions, music or words can create upset and havoc in your body, and with your emotions, positive music and sound for the intention of healing creates a harmonizing vibration conducive to regeneration, peace and relaxation.

Crystal Bowl Sound Symphony benefits all of the energy centers, or chakras, in the body, balancing and raising your vibration, it increases the ability to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually by releasing negative blockages allowing a flow of positive energy to circulate within.

More info on Danieal Bastacky of Good Vibrations Atlanta and Sound Therapy:

Yoga & Sound Healing Workshop

w/ Nadia  Zohbe & Daniel Bastacky

Saturday, June 30th

10:30 am - 12:00 pm


Bring a friend for $10!

~ 2 for $40 ~