Eugene "Bear" Gibbs

Yoga Instructor

JOANNA CASTRILLA-COLE is a psychotherapist in private practice, specializing in areas of anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, trauma, grief and loss and in the use of EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). She is interested in the incorporation of yoga in psychotherapy treatment.  She has been practicing yoga for the past 8 years and received her yoga teacher certification from Awaken Yoga School in 2014. Working in the field of mental health for over 15 years, JoAnna understands the importance of treating mental, emotional and physical health for true healing and wellness.  Yoga has helped her appreciate the deeper connection of the mind, body, and spirit and has enabled her to be better able to help others. She is passionate about helping others learn to heal and live a fulfilling life. JoAnna is a 300 hour Certified Yoga Instructor with specialized training in Restorative Yoga and Yoga Unchained (Trauma Informed Yoga).  She is also a Reiki II Practitioner and a state Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 


A graduate student studying at Georgia State University pursuing a career in teaching Art. EUGENE “BEAR” GIBBS III is an artist, dancer, yoga instructor, and always a student.  After taking his first yoga class, he fell in love with yoga.  He became fascinated with its therapeutic practice and mental stability contrast to fast pace movements of dancing.  Yoga has helped him transform his life both physically and mentally.  Eugene also enjoys hip hop and break dancing.  He loves incorporating different conditioning movements with yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation for a full complete practice that satisfy the body, mind, and soul.  Eugene specializes in teaching arm balance and Inversions progressions. He is always excited to share knowledge to others and learn from them as well.  He is certified under the Yoga Alliance, and has practiced yoga for 5 years prior to receiving his RYT 200 hr certification at Peachtree Yoga Center in Sandy Springs.


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 BOBBYE BROWN left the corporate cube to follow her passion and teach yoga.  She is a dedicated yoga teacher bringing twenty-four years self-practice and six years teaching with 1,000 hours experience to share with her students.  Bobbye enjoys teaching all levels; vinyasa flow; gentle somatic awareness, and restorative yoga.  In teaching it is her desire to motivate the students to find inner peace, calmness and awareness to connect mind-body “on and off the mat”.  Bobbye earned her 200 hour RYT certification in 2012 in Hatha Ashtanga based Primary Series Yoga, and is currently an E-RYT active member with Yoga Alliance.  She continues to be excited and energized to gain further knowledge to enhance her teaching “toolkit” through teaching and continuing study adding to her 360 workshop training hours with master yoga teachers at Prajna Yoga School.  Bobbye’s desire is to serve the students being their tour guide to provide the roadmap to find a quiet mind and helping students live better in their bodies …  "Yoga is like music, the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul, creates the symphony of life" - B.K.S. Iyengar

Nadia Zohbe

Yoga Instructor

Art Is Motion Dance Studio

4470 Satellite Blvd Ste 201 & 202

Duluth GA, 30096

Gentle Yoga:
This gentle yoga practice focuses on slow paced postures and is perfect for all skill levels including beginners. Your instructor will instruct and demonstrate all poses and offer modifications to match your practice.  An emphasis will be placed on joining breath with movement, stilling the mind and reducing overall stress. 

Lunch Time Yoga Class:

Take a noon-time break restoring & re-energizing mind body with gentle yoga. The class is designed “for all bodies” and affords the opportunity to focus on enhancing  mindfulness and asana practice.  Class begins with a brief calming meditation connecting with breath to find a quiet mind to enhance your yoga practice. The flow of movement offers a sequence of standing, seated, and balance poses which progresses at the student’s level.  Although moderate in pace, this class is a vinyasa flow practice focusing on alignment and body awareness building strength, flexibility, stability, and balance  encouraging the students to find comfort and ease to live better in their bodies.  Like an orchestra tunes up before a performance, the focus is on tuning our body to discover new pathways on and off the mat being the “Melody in the Symphony of your Life" ….

Stretch & Strengthen:

Achieve greater flexibility, range of motion, and toning of the body, through Balletic stretching, strengthening, and yoga. (All levels)

Yoga for Core Strength and Flexibility:

This yoga class will focus on conditioning with core exercises and stretching to improve strength and flexibility around the joints.  (All levels)

JoAnna Castrilla-Cole

Yoga Instructor


Top Shelf Dance Studio

Get Healthy in 2019

Bobbye Brown

Yoga Instructor

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As a childhood dancer, NADIA NOELLE ZOHBE felt best when in tune with her body and mind. Nadia found her love for yoga and discovered the practice while navigating the struggles of anxiety and body image issues at the age of twenty one. Nadia Zohbe has been an active yoga practitioner for the past 7 years. She received her RYT-200 hour training from The School of Royal Yoga in 2012, and has been teaching ever since. Yoga has taught her to be aware of her breath in every situation, for it is her compass home. Nadia has dedicated her life to sharing this practice with the world to improve and motivate the health and growth of others. As a heart based teacher, she believes that the yoga practice should help one release layers of the ego to find a more authentic place internally, while cultivating strength in the body, calling the mind. Nadia's teachings focus on purposeful breathing, transitions, and postures that challenge and inspire students to build physical and mental strength. A true believer that yoga creates inner strength and healing, Nadia views sharing the gift of yoga as a constant privilege.

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